Privacy Policy

What information this website collects about you uses the third-party Google Analytics statistics package to track user activity. This program tracks the following:

Google Analytics will set cookies on your computer to enable this behaviour. Its Data is stored externally from the website; additionally, this data may be stored outside of the UK and EU.

To learn more about the cookies that Google Analytics sets and the purposes thereof, please read Google's documentation.

When leaving a message on the site, the following user-submitted details are recorded, and stored in a database:

These are only recorded if you have left a message on the site. This data is held solely within the UK.

How your information is used

On leaving a message, user-submitted data, including name, email address and IP address, are sent to the third-party Akismet service to check for spam. This service is run by Automattic; please see Automattic's privacy policy for more information on how they use this data. As with Google Analytics, this data may be used outside of the UK and EU.

Visitor information recorded by tracking software on this site is strictly for informational purposes only and contains no personally identifiable information other than that willingly submitted by users when submitting a message.

If you are concerned at any time about the use of your data on this site, please get in touch. You may also choose to request any and all data held about you and/or the deletion thereof. This website respects Do Not Track and does not track users who enable this feature. You may also choose to disable tracking.

By leaving tracking enabled you agree to the storage of cookies on your computer which will be read each time you access this site.

Please note: we do not sell or otherwise distribute your details or site usage statistics.